Stupid Envrionmentalist Tricks Part Deux

Earlier this year, Environment Maryland’s merry band of chalk artists drew lines across Main St. in Annapolis to show just “how high” the sea levels would rise, inundating Governor O”Malley’s favorite Irish pub

The real question should have been “how high” were the mopes chalking off Main St.

I know bring you Stupid Environmentalist Tricks Part Deux

You may remember last Sunday when the Baltimore Sun wrote a piece about a report it “obtained” containing chicken-little predictions about the effects of global warming or climate change–the alarmist euphemism du jour–on Maryland.

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My response is in today’s DC Examiner, an extended taste:

Last week, The Baltimore Sun described a report prepared for the Maryland Climate Change Commission by a panel of scientists and environmentalists. The report — based on the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — is replete with the standard anthropogenic global warming alarmist tropes: rising sea levels, deadly heat waves, and loss of native flora and fauna. Not surprisingly, no dissenting view is presented in the article.

The report’s editor, Donald Boesch, runs the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and, not coincidentally, chairs the MCCC Scientific and Technical Working Group. The MCCC itself is a kangaroo court conceived and controlled by the Center for Climate Strategies, a subsidiary of an avowed alarmist advocacy group posing as a disinterested technical consultant. If you want a sneak peek at what is in store for Maryland, just look at CCS’ other state reports; the recommendations are all nearly identical.

Clearly, this report is nothing more than a push poll designed to produce predetermined conclusions. The conclusions, of course, are outrageous predictions of doom in order to sway support for draconian restrictions on greenhouse gases…

It is no accident sympathetic media featured the report on the eve of the MCCC recommendations to Gov. Martin O’Malley. The ignominious failure of the O’Malley-backed cap-and-trade legislation, the Global Warming Solutions Act, this year was a stinging blow to the alarmists. They hope that this “report” and the slanted MCCC recommendations will lead to the Global Warming Solutions Act passing next year.

No matter how clever their tricks, however, the alarmist contentions suffer from three fatal flaws: (1) Their dire predictions are simply not supported by the evidence; (2) even if they were true, reducing anthropogenic GHGs would have no effect on global temperatures; and (3) the costs of their policy prescriptions would deleteriously affect working families.

Take sea level rises, for example. Boesch’s report claims that Maryland’s waters will rise four feet, wiping away 200 square miles of land and islands, along with submerging large swaths of coastal counties. This is pure fantasy.

The IPCC estimates potential global sea level rise between 7 and 23 inches. Given a lower rate of warming, the increase actually tracks more toward 7 inches… Furthermore, Richard Alley, the author of the IPCC chapter on sea level rise, told Congress that on this issue, “we don’t have a good assessed scientific foundation right now.”

Even if all developed countries met Kyoto targets by 2010 and sustained them through the rest of the century, the effect on global temperatures would be a barely detectable 0.07 degrees. In terms of mitigated sea level rise, that translates to 1 inch. If Maryland reduced GHG emissions to zero by 2050 — the date by which the Global Warming Solutions Act aims to reduce them by 90 percent— global emissions would still incorporate that in a month…

In Maryland, the recently deceased federal cap- and-trade bill, Lieberman-Warner, by 2020 would have resulted in 40,000 jobs lost, a 70 percent increase in gasoline prices, a 40 percent increase in electricity costs and a $4.2 billion loss in gross state product.

We don’t know how the Sun “obtained” the report. Paul Chesser from Climate Strategies Watch tried to get a copy of the report directly from UMCES. Predictably, they put up the stone wall. Boesch most likley doesn’t want any skeptical scrutiny of his “report” before it becomes part of the MCCC’s recommendations to the governor.

This is nothing new, Tad Aburn at MDE pulled a similar stunt two years ago. Of course, once you shame MDE into releasing documents, they charge you an exorbitant fee to provide you the documents.

I doubt Sun reporter Tim Wheeler had to wait 30 days for the report, as I’m betting Boesch or one of the environmentalists on the panel leaked it to him. This reminds me, Tom “the advocate” Pelton took a buy out. Given this development, I thought the Sun’s environmental reporting would be a bit more evenhanded. Oh well.

Of course, the Boeschs and Heaveners of the world could care less about the economic effects of their policy prescriptions on the hoi polloi. Check that, Boesch does have some economic concerns–his own. According to, UMCES has received over $70 million in public largess since 2000.

Their only concern, come hell or high water–no pun intended–is ramming the Global Warming Solutions Act through the General Assembly to the desk of a pliant governor, all to willing to raise our energy costs…once again.

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