Senseless Jackassery

Eric Luedtke decides to try to score political points with tragedy and a senseless act of violence:

CNN is reporting that Bill Gwatney, the Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, was shot and killed today by a gunman who entered the office to seek him out. No word yet on the motive, but there is of course the possibility that this is a copycat of the attack on the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, which was targeted for political reasons.

That’s right, Luedtke wants to throw the right-wing under the bus for this hours after a senseless murder.

I certainly for one grieve for Gwatney and his family. Nobody should be killed for their political views if that is indeed the case. But this is certainly not the time for the finger pointing and speculation that Luedtke engages in. That’s senseless jackassery and is totally inappropriate.

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