PG Sheriff Michael Jackson should resign!

It is time for Prince George’s County Sheriff Michael Jackson (D) to resign or be removed from office. 

Sheriff Jackson’s arrogant defense of his staff’s brutalization of innocent citizens and slaughter of their dogs, in the Calvo case, the Myers case (Post, WJLA) and the James case (Post) , shows that he does not believe in the oath he took, nor in the stated values of his office. 

  • Trust: Sheriff Jackson has acted to destroy, not “develop and maintain the confidence of the community.”
  • Respect: Sheriff Jackson has shown that he is not “committed to protecting the rights of all persons equally.”  Rather, he seems more committed to protecting the perceived prerogatives of his office at the expense of all other persons.
  • Integrity: While he claims to be “accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct,” Sheriff Jackson states publicly that he is offended by the idea that the public should hold him accountable.

Sheriff Jackson’s public statements regarding the unnecessarily violent and probably illegal actions of his staff in the Calvo affair show that he doesn’t understand the law and the Constitutional rights of citizens. His denial of any wrongdoing suggests that he is either lying or does not know right from wrong.

Sheriff Jackson seems far more concerned with arresting someone with a package of marijuana and getting the resulting publicity than with investigating the facts or protecting anybody or anything.

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Sheriff Jackson’s attitude suggests that any amount of collateral damage is acceptable to him, no matter what the circumstances.

Based on Sheriff Jackson’s public statements, it seems fair for us to conclude that, to Sheriff Jackson, the end of catching someone with marijuana justifies any means–any amount of force, excessive, illegal, or immoral.  Based on that standard, his victims should be justified in using any even barely legal means to remove him from office.

Even worse, Sheriff Jackson apparently plans to run for county executive. That would give him control of the county police department, not only known for its long history of police brutality, but recently in the news for its worst in the region record in the investigations of robberies and homicides.

The ordinary, law-abiding, innocent residents of the county and their pets will not be safe from the excesses of Sheriff Jackson’s sadistic stormtroopers as long as he holds any position of authority over law enforcement personnel.  He must be replaced!

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