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The sun will rise this morning and I am sure that it will set this evening. However, today is one of those rare days that I find myself in agreement with Eric Luedtke over at Free State Politics.

While I agree with the Club for Growth on many issues, Pat Toomey’s people seem to have driven off of a cliff:

Club for Growth spokeswoman Nachama Soloveichik said the group
understands that the GOP needs speakers like Lingle, who is female, and
Steele, who is black, “to look diverse and all that good P.R. stuff.”

Not only is Ms. Soloveichik incompetent as a spokesperson, she obviously lacks in many of the social graces. Just because we think certain things doesn’t mean that we have to say them – particularly to reporters.

Toomey is absolutely correct that McCain appears to be dumping on the pro-growth crowd. I’ve never been a huge fan of Michael Steele – he’s far too moderate for my tastes. However, I think that he makes a fine addition to the convention.

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Toomey needs to dump his spokesperson ASAP. Maybe he can talk John McCain into pushing Sen. Lindsay Graham off the same cliff that Soloveichik seems intent on driving the Club for Growth over.

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