O’Malley Dumps Mike Miller’s Kid

In the schizophrenic world of politics – Martin O’Malley style – I guess that there was some purpose in not nominating Maryland Senate President Mike Miller’s son for a judgeship. I just don’t see it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m as opposed to blatant nepotism as the next guy. I just can’t figure it out. O’Malley has already caught bloody hell over his escapades to date. Three members of the judicial nominating commission resigned. Both Miller and his son were held to public ridicule over this fiasco.

After all of this, don’t tell me that Martin O’Malley suddenly decided to do the “right thing”. Going through with the nomination didn’t have much downside, unless Miller Junior got on the bench and let some serial killer out on bail to commit five or six more murders before trial.

Mike Miller doesn’t strike me as a “forgive and forget” kind of guy. I guess we should all thank O’Malley – whatever his bizarre motivation was.

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