My Take On The Kennedy Appearance

I debated whether I should comment on last night’s appearance of Ted Kennedy at the Democratic National Convention. While I have zero respect for the senior Senator from Massachusetts, I figured it might be in the best taste to leave him alone, considering his ailing health. Then, after thinking about it, I realized that Kennedy voluntarily put himself out there in a visible light. Therefore, he’s fair game as far as I am concerned.

As a registered democrat, I cannot understand the publics infatuation with the Kennedy family. In particular, I fail to comprehend the respect many have for a Edward (Ted) Kennedy. After all, he’s the same drunken creature that left a woman to die after he wrecked his car on a Chappaquiddick Island bridge back in 1969. The people of Massachusetts should be ashamed they continue to elect such a despicable person. In turn, the democrats should be embarrassed by the shameless way they allow this guy to become an acceptable face of the party. What kind of message does that send to swing voters?

Barack Obama continues to campaign on a message of change. Then, two days after Obama tapped career politician Joe Biden, the democrats rolled out their most controversial character in Ted Kennedy. It’s hard to envision that democrats can bring about needed reform when they endorse the biggest part of problem.

Ted Kennedy will not mend any political fences. Instead, he’ll actually alienate independent minded voters. These same people will decide whether Barack Obama or John McCain become our next president. Personally, I am remain undecided about who I’ll support in November. My track record says I tend to vote republican for the office of President. Certainly, these last two days haven’t swayed me to break that trend.

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