Melvin High and Michael A. Jackson Must Go!

In case you have not been following the coverage on Maryland Politics Today or here on Red Maryland, yesterday, I called for the immediate resignations of Prince George’s County Police Chief Melvin High and County Sheriff Michael A. Jackson for their arrogant stance in the flawed raid on the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo.


I, as a citizen of Prince George’s County, am calling for police chief Melvin High, to move his last day up from August 31 to…immediately. This county has suffered for too long under sub-par crime control due to bad management and incompetence. I am also calling on High to formally apologize to Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo and his family, a real apology and not a politically correct one.

I am also calling for county sheriff Michael Jackson to apologize to the Calvo family, in addition to his resignation. I wouldn’t have asked for the latter but according to the two other accounts reported in The Washington Post, which were mentioned earlier, you are the sheriff and two flawed operations happened on your watch, including the search of a home without a warrant and threatening to shoot the dog there.

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