MD GOP – It’s Time for the Revolution

I know the timing could be better, but Maryland Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley’s announcement that he will step down means that it’s time for grassroots Republicans to demand change. If we ever want to see Maryland become a true two party state, the GOP must begin to offer true alternatives. Democrat-light will simply not do!

Admittedly, I haven’t been back in Maryland long enough to claim that I know who the right picks are for Minority Leader and Whip. I do know that this current crop reminds me more of late ’70’s Republicans than the late ’80’s version. Maryland needs leaders to paint bold pictures. Maryland needs bold initiatives. Maryland needs legislators who are willing to stand on principle, rather than worry about “getting their slice of the pie”.

As someone who was involved in helping to move Virginia from a one party state to a Republican majority, I can assure you that it can be done! It won’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of work. It will take the willingness of many people to put principle and state before themselves and personal political power. However, it can be done.

Why should the people of Maryland even consider voting for a Republican if all they are being offered is Democrat-light?

  • We’re going to spend, but we’ll spend just a little less.
  • We’re going to tax you, but not quite as much as the Democrats.
  • We’re still going to over-regulate you, but just not as much.

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It’s time to say, “We stand for a better Maryland!” The problem is that we need people who are willing to take their case to the people. Make the Democrats own the mess which they’ve created. Trust me, it will be tough. The Dems became downright nasty in the last few years leading up to 1992. It wasn’t quite as bad in the Virginia legislature; but we faced a battle within our own party which continues up to today.

To accomplish this we need leaders in Annapolis and boots on the ground at home. That will be the subject of the second part of my personal call for the REVOLUTION.

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