MD GOP Calls Out O’Malley For Broken Promises

Today, the MD GOP issued the following press release which blasted O’Malley for failing to deliver on yet another campaign promise:

Annapolis – According to a recent Baltimore Sun report, the Maryland Transit Administration recalled 200 buses this past July after a series of recent bus fires. These bus recalls along with the news of massive delays in our state’s MARC train service show the failure of Martin O’Malley’s transportation policies, commented Maryland Republican Party Chairman James Pelura.

“Since he took office, Martin O’Malley has used the Maryland Department of Transportation for flashy environmental promises instead of providing core service to Maryland travelers,” Pelura noted. “The state’s MARC train service is breaking down, buses are being recalled, and Maryland drivers are still mired in horrific traffic jams on the state’s highways.”

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Under the Ehrlich administration, the Maryland Department of Transportation was making real progress. The Ehrlich administration reformed the state’s para-transit system for disabled Marylanders, broke ground on the long-delayed Inter-County Connector , and started construction on $1 billion widening of Interstate-95 northeast of Baltimore . It was Governor Ehrlich who started the conversion of the state’s bus fleet to hybrid buses, which now seems to be Martin O’Malley’s limited focus on transportation.

“What we have here is just another O’Malley broken promise. Maryland ’s mass transit systems are breaking down despite the governor’s campaign promise to make mass transit a priority. This comes at a time when Marylanders are turning to MARC trains and MTA buses more and more to get to work. Clearly, this record of failure indicates a need for change in 2010,” Pelura concluded. “ Maryland is in desperate need of competent, effective leadership.”

Additionally, the GOP provided the following documentation of O’Malley’s own words to further their argument:

Link to Martin O’Malley’s Campaign Platform on Transportation

Link to O’Malley promise to end raids on the Transportation Trust Fund


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