Kratovil Shows Real Talent …

… For Talking Out of Both Sides of Mouth

Yesterday, we showed you the new TV commercial unveiled by Democrat congressional candidate Frank Kratovil. Today a few tidbits were brought to our attention that you may find interesting. Blue Dog Frank promises to:

  • Cut Taxes – Just a few months ago, Frank Kratovil called cutting taxes “irresponsible”. At a debate in January Kratovil stated that “we should not even be talking about tax cuts”. After the primary, this tax-cutting man of the people said, “It’s wrong to talk with a straight face about tax cuts. It’s irresponsible“. (Star-Democrat, 01/21/2008 and Star-Democrat, 03/21/2008)
  • Cut Wasteful Spending – In a radio interview Kratovil went on the record supporting earmarks. Earmarks are where a great deal of wasteful spending comes from. I wonder where Blue Dog Frank thinks we need a “Bridge to Nowhere”? (WYPR, 06/13/2008)
  • End Our Dependence of Foreign Oil – In the same radio interview, Kratovil states that he is opposed to drilling on the outer continental shelf. To steal a Democrat line, “It’s the SUPPLY, stupid!” Without increasing our domestic supply, Americans will continue to face upward spiraling energy costs until we can adopt alternatives. No Frank, drilling won’t solve the problem – it will only help as part of a complete solution. Because you, along with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, don’t want to allow drilling our economy will suffer. That means that WE will suffer. Thanks Frank.
  • Crack Down on Illegal Immigration – Last January Kratovil stated that he would have supported the “Amnesty” bill that was before Congress last year. Amnesty for 20 million illegals – that’s really “cracking down” on them Frank. (Star-Democrat, 01/13/2008)

We can all see that Frank Kratovil is a talented man. The people he aspires to emulate in Washington haven’t mastered double speak any better than Kratovil has.

While there is no doubt that the First District would suffer if enough folk were tricked into voting for Kratovil, there is also no doubt that Blue Dog Frank would fit right in with the likes of Nancy Pelosi. Frank is really showing off his PG County roots.

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