Illegal Immigration High-Stakes Game Of ‘You’re It’

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The more you look at the quiet invasion we call illegal immigration, the more you realize it is simply a high-stakes game of “you’re it.”

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Although the tens of millions of illegals who jump our borders are certainly breaking our laws, it is our fellow citizens who are cashing in on their cheap labor and illegal votes that keep the influx coming.

When small, medium and large companies knowingly hire illegal workers, they do so because they save tons on taxes and insurance premiums, and could care less that the rest of us pick up the tab on all the many services used by their workers, who often send much of their earnings out of our country. In this case, the average taxpayer is it.

In addition, aging U.S. workers who can no longer find jobs in construction, or other skilled or unskilled occupations, are also it! In my state of Maryland, for example, Casa, a non-profit advocacy for illegals advertises daily in Craig’s List offering bargain basement prices for moving, yard work or heavy lifting. This undercuts small local movers and laborers, who cannot complete with their prices because they pay taxes, FICA, workmen’s comp and health insurance premiums. Ironically, Gov. Martin O’Malley and state legislators support taxpayer grants for this organization that helps kill many small local businesses!

Meanwhile, these same Democratic elected officials, who want to stay in power, look the other way, or make it easy for illegals to register to vote. In my state of Maryland, when an illegal goes to get a driver’s license, he or she is asked to register! And all the Democratic lawmakers kill any legislation requiring them to show proof of citizenship, or even ID, when they show up at the voting booth. Again, the average, U.S. voter is it. His vote is eliminated; it is canceled out by a foreign national, who is here illegally, and who is solely here to earn money.

Ironically, this symbiotic relationship between the illegal aliens, businesses and politicians works out well for all of them, but all of us ordinary citizens end up being tagged out in our own country!

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