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Hillary: Biden’ Her Time?

Since Hillary heard about her non-choice as veep from an associate, and not from a call from His Barackedness himself, will she and Bill fade to the background after the convention? Could she just be “Biden” her time ’til 2012? Certainly, a loss to the Republicans now could work in her favor in 4 years.

You can listen & watch Judy Garland sing this little ditty here… then peruse alternate words Hillary could sing below…

Some fellers like to tip-toe through the issues
Some fellers go on singin’ a-bout change
Some fellers keep on paintin’ skies with rainbows
Some fellers go on say-in much the same

But I’m Biden’ my time
’cause thats the kind of gal I’m
While the pundits grow dizzy
I’ll keep busy Biden’ my time

In 4 years, 4 years
Somethin’s bound to happen
This year, this year
I’ll just keep on nappin’

I’m Biden’ my time
That’s the kind of gal I’m
There’ll be regretin’, why I wasn’t vetted… Biden’ my time

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