Has Greta Been Hanitized?

I can dream, can’t I?

However, Ms. Van Sustern did nail Clinton advisor Terry McCaulliffe, and wouldn’t accept his bull and non-answer. It happened after the airing of one of the latest ads from John McCain. In the ad, Hillary’s own words from the primary were used. Hillary said McCain had leadership and questioned the lack of experience of Obama. Greta basically questioned if Ms. Clinton was telling the truth then, or now (when she is claiming that she is supporting Barack). Terry parroted the same-old/same-old talking points and did not answer the question. Greta did not let him off easily.

Next, Greta interviewed a Clinton fundraiser who has not decided yet to vote for Obama. Later Greta would even have another guest on with bad news for Barack. This guest finally just got access from the University of Illinois to the documents about weather underground radical Richard Ayers and his relationship to Obama. Access was just reluctantly granted to these documents, but they evidently show that Ayers and Obama attended some meetings together. More digging into the meat of these documents is needed, so be on the lookout for it.

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