Give Your Social Security Number to a Child Molester

You’ve heard of ACORN – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. In recent weeks we’ve noted that they are all set to be a prime recipient of your largess thanks to the $4 billion slush fund recently legislated by Nancy Pelosi and her merry little band of socialists.

ACORN is probably most famous for registering illegal aliens to vote. While the Hampton Commonwealth’s Attorney has refused to specifically identify all of the organizations, ACORN may well be involved in the recent voter registration fraud that has occurred in Virginia.

If you live in New Mexico, you really need to be scared. ACORN has hired individuals convicted of fraud and theft to collect your personal information, including social security numbers.

More Child Molesting Voter Fraud Below the Fold

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Possibly most disturbing is that ACORN hired one person convicted of two counts of raping a child.

What’s your recourse? I doubt you have any, until your bank account is emptied or the FBI knocks on your door because the child molester paid for kiddie porn with credit cards taken out in your name and social security number. Perhaps you can sue ACORN from your jail cell.

But hey! ACORN is a group of well meaning folk. Barack Obama says so.

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