Faith Matters

Because I did not read The Washington Post on Wednesday (due to the fact that I was tired from watching the Orioles choke against the Red Sox…in person the night before but I did have fun though,) I am now just reading Kathleen Parker’s column, which with no surprised appeared in The Baltimore Sun this morning, if you read it you’ll understand why.

Excuse me if I happen to disagree with her about Pastor Rick Warren’s forum and her stance that America is nation of secular laws. Before I go into this, let’s clear some misconceptions up. Yes I am a born-again Christian and yes I am a conservative. I do not think people who are not as such are bad people or evil people.

I disagree with the hard right wingers who believe that the Constitution is a violation of God’s Laws or something (sorry John Lofton) nor do I think that people who do not go to church twice a week are evil. As a matter of fact I cringe when I hear the likes of Coulter-geist who demonize people who disagree with the conservative point of view. I don’t even go to church twice a week. I also think that some people who are Christian and don’t go to church are probably better than people who are there twice a week (members I am speaking of.)

But one thing that we cannot deny and that the ACLU is trying to wipe from existence is that God and America have been hand in hand from day one. We are a nation of Judeo-Christian principles whether you like to hear it or not. Where else in the world can you practice whatever religion you want and not get persecuted by the government. Think about the Beijing games where missionaries had to operate undercover. Many people who are Christians in China operate on the DL (down low to those who don’t know.) We all know about Muslim dominated nations who take no mercy with those who do not practice Islam. Freedom of choice is a biblical principal that is freely practiced in this country, we are spoiled by this fact.

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Let’s also keep in mind that legislatures across the country open their sessions with a prayer. According Wallbuilders, this issue was dealt with and resolved back in the 1850s. The House Judiciary Committee recognized that people were dependent on God in the past and they are continually dependent on him in the present day. This statement continues to be true over 150 years later. Wallbuilders does a great job of highlighting the country’s moral heritage and I encourage you all to check them out.

I agree that church and state are separate, which is amazing in and of itself because the ACLU and judges who love to legislate keep sticking their nose in religious matters, but I digress. One thing that is not separate is a man and his moral beliefs. Beliefs that he will take with him to whatever job they might carry out. Beliefs that contribute to ones character.

Also, whether anyone likes it or not, Pastor Warren’s forum accomplished more in regards to informing the populace about the candidates than the shout matches on cable news, the news reporters who is suppose to be informing us about Obama and McCain and dare I say the blow hards on talk radio. Props to Pastor Warren.

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