Dear Carl: What Part Of “Public” Don’t You Understand?

Carl “O” Snowden is up to another one of his Snow-jobs again… While being anointed to higher State Office (as big-wig in the Office for Civil Rights- part of the state Attorney General’s Office), he hasn’t forgotten us here in Annapolis. According to the Crab-Wrapper, he wants to ban the practice of banning trouble-makers from Public Housing.

It sounds just like how the anti-capital punishment forces point to errors and problems with implementing the death penalty as an excuse to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Likewise, he can cite problems with the Housing Authority’s practice of banning undesirables from such housing. The most ridiculous comment he made may be this (From the Capital) …“Every court case … (says) you, exclusively, have the right ” to determine who comes into your home… “It is your property; only you have the the right to file a trespassing case.”

While that may or may not be true, it is a clear example of the professional Civil Rights industry not getting it. Instead of quoting court cases (which evidentially may be the law of the land, but still ill-gotten and “wrong”), he should care more about the majority of the innocent people who are forced to live in such housing.

For the love of all things logical, it is “Public” housing. That means the “Public” taxpayer paid for it, built it, and should therefore “Own” it. It is not “your home”, it is a house that the taxpayer paid for and is letting you live there out of the goodness of their hearts because you are too destitute, ill, old, weak, or dare I say it- lazy- to provide for yourself! It is not “your property”, or you could then turn around and sell it to anybody. I’m sure waterfront property would fetch a pretty penny if the Bloomsbury Square residents wanted to sell.

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Government entities determine who can live there, citing various income criteria, and government entities should be able to kick yer arse out if you are causing problems for your law-abiding neighbors. If there is a problem with the implementation of the banning process, work to fix the problem, but don’t dare ban banning! With the crime situation in these areas, self-appointed “leaders” should be demanding more, not less, banning. Kick the thugs to the curb, or better yet, to the Jennifer Road Detention Center, and let those who are truly unfortunate live their lives in peace!

Carl, Carl, Carl… when will you ever get it??

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