Blue Dog Frank Goes for Broke …

… don’t tell one lie when you can tell two, three or four.

That principled Democrat and would be congressman, Frank Kratovil, has launched his first 30 second TV spot. It’s hard to believe that you can fit so much deception into one spot, but Blue Dog Frank is, at least, talented in this area.

Oh, where to start! Kratovil claims that he’ll “decrease wasteful spending”. How Frank? You’re on the record in favor of earmarks like the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”.

Kratovil promises to “crack down on illegal immigration”. That one’s a laughing stock, even in an election year. Blue Dog Frank is on the record supporting the “Amnesty Bill”. I guess you have to be a lawyer to understand how giving amnesty to over 20 million illegal aliens is somehow “cracking down” on the problem.

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Frank says that he’ll “decrease our dependence on Middle East oil”. How, by buying more from Canada and Mexico? How about China and Brazil once their wells come online? Kratovil is oppossed to increasing our domestic supplies. Oil is fungible Frank! It doesn’t matter whether it comes from Canada, Brazil, Iran or Russia. Foreign oil is foreign oil.

Kratovil is INDEPENDENT and ON YOUR SIDE! Sure he is… if your name is Martin O’Malley, Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama. Frank Kratovil will be on the side of First District voters only as much as his masters in DC and Annapolis will allow him to be.

Keep up the good work Frank! We’ve always known that you WILL SAY or DO ANYTHING to get elected.

For HONEST, PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP… Frank Kratovil isn’t your man.

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