Barack Obama Is Not A Christian…

I know what many of you are saying, “we know that…that’s because he is a Muslim.” Well no, he’s not a Muslim. He may have a background, but sorry to disappoint, I am not jumping on that band wagon. One thing I can say I do agree with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on is that Obama is a politician, and that was proven Saturday night at the Saddleback Church in Southern California.

Obama may have sounded good to those listening live, but for those of us who has access to TIVO, we can put things in perspective. They were some very telling answers Obama gave in regards to his faith, abortion and marriage. He is trying to please everyone, but he was dancing a bit too fast for my taste in doing so.

Although I wished, the Rev. Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church, would have followed up on the matters of Abortion and Marriage, I thought he did an excellent job for a non-Journalist. As far as journalists go, if we had a choice, I agreed with someone who I talked with earlier today that two men would have laid the wood to both presumptive nominees fairly. Unfortunately, Tim Russert and Tony Snow are no longer with us.

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