Which part of “illegal” do they not understand?

So we had a bunch of “immigrant activists” protesting in downtown Baltimore today about the raid yesterday that arrested 46 illegal immigrants yesterday here in Anne Arundel County. And some of their quotes are….interesting:

“Every person affected yesterday has a family,” said Jessica Alvarez, vice president of the National Capital Immigrant Coalition. “Today we are here to show that every person has a voice and has a community behind them. This is unjust, and our voices need to be heard.”

Yeah. That’s a bummer. Of course what is truly unjust is the fact that you have people in this country illegally. Let me say that again: they are here illegally. I do sympathize with the fact that these folks want a better life. I do sympathize with the fact that they came to America for an opportunity. But I do not sympathize with the fact that they willingly violated American law in order to come here. There are legal ways to enter this country. The folks arrested in the raid did not do that. And I am not sure which part of “illegal” these activists don’t understand.

John Leopold, of all people, had a very solid retort to these protests:

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“Illegal means illegal. The laws should be respected and obeyed,” Leopold, a former state legislator, said in an interview. “This administration has had a fair and balanced approach to immigration. On the one hand we crack down hard on illegal immigrants, but at the same time we reach out to try to assist those who are trying to secure citizenship through proper legal channels.”

And you can’t really put it any more succinctly than that. The majority of people who oppose illegal immigration support legal immigration for people who want to do things the right way, entering the country and going through the legal process to obtain residency and citizenship. And really, this raid and these protests do shed more light on the complete failure at the federal level to address this issue.

Yes, something is unjust about this situation. But what is unjust is not that people who broke the law may suffer the consequences, it’s that not more is being done. It’s unfortunate, but illegal actions have legal consequences.


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