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Looks like Harford County is suffering under the same Board of Education shenanigans we have been subjected to here in Anne Arundel County:

The Governor has chosen Alysson Krchnavy and Dr. Leonard Wheeler to fill the two open seats on the Board of Education, circumventing the recommendations of the Harford County Board of Education Nominating Committee.

The Committee, made up of representatives from the Office of County Executive David Craig, the Harford County State Senators, the Harford County House of Delegates and the Harford County Council who had recommended retired principal Nancy Reynolds and Dr. Mohammad Reza Shahab to fill those seats.

County Councilman and Committee Chairman Richard Slutzky expressed disappointment that the work of the committee had been overruled. Slutzky noted “This demonstrates that we have no effective process for vetting or evaluating potential Board of Education candidates at the Harford County level” and that today’s announcement was a “validation of the reason why Harford County political entities and citizens are asking for an elected school board.”

The process in Harford County is slightly different in that the Commission is made up of strictly local appointees, no Commission members being appointed by the Governor. But it is just as bad to bypass the Commission-endorsed candidates in Harford County as it was for O’Malley to appoint unregistered Democratic lobbyists Teresa Milio Birge here in Anne Arundel County.

And Councilman Slutzky is right: these type of appointment shenanigans are just as political, if not more so, than allowing the citizenry to make the choices for themselves.

Shame on Governor O’Malley for again putting the interest politics ahead of the interests of students.

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