To O’Malley: Killing Video Slots Hurt Parochial Schools

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In a recent interview, Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley offered no relief for Southern Maryland parochial schools hurt when they lost major funding by O’Malley’s signing a bill that did away with video gaming terminals in the rural county.

When the reporter from the County Times of St. Mary’s County asked O’Malley if he planned on helping the schools — which educate 20% of the county’s population — with with another source of funding, O’Malley gave the following cryptic answer:

“I know we do something annually on textbooks; we did not cut that in the budget. It’s a challenge on the gambling front; but that bill didn’t eliminate all of the assorted charitable things,” O’Malley told the Times.

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So, while cities like Baltimore and other heavily Democratic jurisdictions could greatly benefit from slots if they are legalized under O’Malley, it doesn’t appear the parochial schools of Republican-dominated St. Mary’s will!

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