This never ending Racialization is getting old

Once again, Eric Luedtke goes tries to equate conservatism to racism again, this time in regards to school vouchers:

Vouchers is one of those, an attempt to apply a radical conservative ideology to a public good. To give you an idea of what I mean: Milton Friedman, the great conservative economist who wrote Capitalism and Freedom, not only proposed school vouchers, but argued that the Civil Rights Act is not necessary because market forces will end discrimination. I’m sure Rosa Parks would have been comforted to know that if she had not sat down on that bus, the free market would have eventually solved segregation for her.

An unnecessary, pointless cheap shot at Friedman. It would also be a cheap shot to note that the Civil Rights Act would not have been necessary had Democrats not supported Jim Crow laws for 80 years, so I won’t say it.

But how come the privileged Caucasians over at Free State Politics equate everything conservative to racism? You might almost think that they have no other arguments to stand on.

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I’ll address Luedtke’s nonsense comments on education in a separate post….


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