The Left Floats a New Gun Control Argument

Last week, the Baltimore Sun carried an AP story regarding the recent Supreme Court ruling that restored Second Amendment rights to District Of Columbia residents. Of course, the story read more like an editorial than a legitimate news story. Specifically, the AP focused on the dissenting justices flawed argument that 55% of gun related deaths can be attributed to suicide.

So, I guess we should outlaw guns because someone might kill their self. How brilliant! After all, without a firearm committing suicide would be impossible. Certainly, it’s not feasible to think someone could achieve death by cutting their wrists, slitting their throat, hanging themselves, or taking pills.

Actually, I don’t think the liberal elites at the AP truly believe this stuff. Instead, I think it’s their lame attempt to chip away at the 67% of Americans who believe in individual rights of gun ownership. Today, it’s suicide. Tomorrow, they’ll invent another silly argument.

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Luckily, it’s going to take a lot more than journalistic editorializing to convince Americans we are safer without our firearms. If these crusaders have such a negative opinion of gun ownership, they should simply refuse to buy one. Granted unlike them, I won’t be begging for my life if someone breaks into my home in the middle of the night.


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