The King of Borrow and Spend

Fiscal restraint means restraint on BOTH the taxing AND spending sides of the ledger… unless you are a member of the appropriating class or (evidently) Americans for Tax Reform. While I have always been an admirer of Grover Norquist, his folks over at ATR must be having a truly blond moment to name Rep. Don Young (R-AK) a “Hero of the American Taxpayer”.

Before you ask who is Don Young, just think “Bridge to Nowhere”. He’s the guy who’s under investigation for taking bribes. He’s also the man who stood in the well of the U.S. House having a full blown fit, shouting “My money, my money!”. No Don, it’s the taxpayers’ money.

Rob Bluey of the Heritage Foundation and Jon Henke of The Next Right have been spearheading the discussion of this travesty. While I can’t agree with ATR’s portrayal of Young, I have to give them credit for stepping up to the plate. They have actually been willing to engage Henke and his readers in a discussion of their reasoning behind giving Young this “award”.

After you cut through the manure, ATR’s reasoning basically comes down to “Young doesn’t vote for tax increases”. Of course Young has publicly stated that he wouldn’t hesitate to raise taxes if that was the only way to get his pork!

Whether we are talking about local politicians like Salisbury’s Barrie Tilghman, Louise Smith and Gary Comegys; our infamous appropriators in Annapolis or Federal legislators like Young – spending restraint is at least as important as tax restraint.

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Don Young is but one example of why the voters threw the GOP out of the majority in Congress. It’s easy to convince voters that conservatives policies are best for the individual and the country. The hard part is convincing voters that the GOP actually represents conservative values.

With a recent legacy of elected Republicans like George W. Bush, Tom DeLay, Don Young, Ted Stevens and Denny Hastert we have a lot to overcome.

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