Sycophantic Obsequiousness

FSP is once again touting the merits of Al Gore’s hypocritical, pie in the sky plan to railroad the U.S. towards clean energy without regard to economic consequences. But, of course, the fringe element never lets the facts get in the way of a good story and the pseudonymous poster “lefty” is exposing the fringe element for what they truly are.

In the comments in that post, “lefty” decides to launch into an attack on me personally instead of discussing the (lack of) issues I brought up regarding Gore’s hypocrisy and the clear lack of a consensus on climate change. Instead of discussion, I get stuff like this:

So if I write a blog entry that says that all conservatives are deranged sociopaths who like to have carnal relations with goats, would it be OK for a bunch of allegedly influential liberal bloggers to pick up the story and create a similar feeding frenzy, on the grounds that the “consensus is building that Brian Griffiths and his conservative friends are all goat f*****s”? That’s the moral equivalent of what you’re claiming. The problem is that this kind of stupid-ass feeding frenzy only happens on the starboard wing of the blogosphere.


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These are the type of people that are, unfortunately, at the vanguard of the left-wing movement here in Maryland. People who a sycophantic and obsequious to whatever the Democratic Party is standing for today, and will stoop to any level to keep discussion, dissent, and debate out of site and out of mind. As I stated before, people like “lefty” believe in the Plutocracy, that they know better than you and that it is their Geia-given right to shout you down for disagreeing with them.

I feel bad, because I can go to bed every night with my conscious clear that I am thinking for myself and supporting policies in the best interest of my state and my country, not blindly following bad ideas in the name of the party.


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