Slack-ass blogging brings us all down

Apparently people decide that original thought and commentary is too passé for the blogosphere this day, so the usual suspects instead to decide to recycle some urban legends instead of say anything constructive.

First, the always unreliable spudhead from Delaware Joe Albero graced us with the four-year old rumor about a do not call list for cell phones.

AApolitics came back later “Interesting facts for the 4th of July,” with some half-baked stories regarding what happened to people who signed the Declaration of Independence, and apparently this series dates back to 1999.

Sadly, all of this could have been avoided if somebody have referenced to find out that the cell phone list is bogus and that the fates of the signers were generally not as a bad as advertised.

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Is fact-finding really that hard to do in the blogosphere these days? Passing on such bunk in lieu of thoughtful reporting or commentary is not constructive, and really brings the entire Maryland blogosphere down, with good blogs and bloggers getting lumped in with stuff like this. I just wish people would take more care before they post “true stories” that are easily debunked in two minutes since it hurts the credibility of the entire blogosphere…


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