Sanctuary Policies Changing Neighborhoods For Worst

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When I go back to the neighborhood of my boyhood, I see as many as 100 or more men standing on corners of several busy intersections where homeowners have rehabbed older row houses in a once trendy part of Baltimore City.

At red lights, these day laborers anxiously stare at each driver, and when a pretty woman happens to walk by them on the sidewalk, there are often catcalls and kissing sounds that fill the air.

These men are here seven days a week, come rain or shine. If you are bold enough to walk by them, a few will ask your for a cigarette in broken English, or even ask for money, as happened to me one day. The man wouldn’t take no for an answer, and followed me all the way to my car door. He refused to move, and I almost ran over the foot of the man, who reeked with alcohol and cursed me in Spanish.

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Meanwhile, a police car sits in a parking lot of a convenience store on the same block, and the officer doesn’t question or challenge these groups of strangers, who now occupy the blocks of this neighborhood. He doesn’t question them because he can’t. You see, Baltimore is a sanctuary city, which means that Democratic Mayor Sheila Dixon has instituted a don’t ask, don’t tell policy when it comes to illegal aliens in Baltimore.

On the street where I grew up, there is trash shewn all over the sidewalks, and in the alleys, there is broken furniture, bottles and hundreds of bags of garbage in torn plastic bags. Large rats come out even in the daylight. The spic-and-span neighborhoods of my youth are gone. In many of the houses there are 10 or more occupants living there, and they stare at you grimly as you drive by. As if to say,” What the hell are you doing here? What the hell do you want?”

All the signs are in Spanish, and there are drug dealers and prostitutes working some corners.

And the amazing thing about all of this, is that the elected officials of this city cannot tell you how many of these individuals are here illegally, or even how many there are. But they do expect a budget deficit this year — even though they collected more than $3 billion dollars that includes a big chunk from city, state and federal taxpayers.

Whenever I bring these issue up on this blog, or in person, I am called a bigot and racist, often before I can even finish a sentence. This is the easiest way advocates for this illegal invasion can dismiss me and millions of others like me when we ask these legitimate questions.

The simply truth is that such sanctuary polices are changing many neighborhoods for the worst.

What do you think?

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