Residents To Dixon: No Homeless In Our Neighborhoods!

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Baltimore residents may sympathize with the city’s homeless, but they are not ready to have them bused into their neighborhoods!

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is catching much heat from neighborhood associations and the NAACP for busing and creating shelters for the city’s homeless in two city neighborhoods — without giving them ample notice.

As part of her plan to do away with the legions of homeless people who roam the streets of Charm City every day, Dixon has opened up two shelters, one in the upscale neighborhood of Butchers Hill in East Baltimore and the other in the working-class neighborhood of Edmondson Heights in West Baltimore.

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The city is asking neighborhoods to be patient and host the homeless, until permanent homeless shelters can be constructed downtown, according to the Sun.

But residents of the neighborhoods are furious and even Marvin L. “Doc” Cheatham Sr., the president of the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP, told the Sun that the city was arrogant to bus in the homeless with only giving the affected neighborhoods 24 hours notice.

Here is one possible solution to the problem: Why not move the homeless from the two neighborhoods and instead shelter them on Dixon’s block? Alternative sites might be Roland Park, Canton or maybe Federal Hill!

What do you think?

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