Republicans Want Currie to Step Down

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Maryland Republican leadership is calling for Prince George’s County Sen. Ulysses Currie to step down from his powerful position as chairman of the state’s Budget & Taxation Committee while he being investigated by the FBI for alleged corruption. 

“While Currie has not yet been charged with a federal crime, he has clearly violated state ethics laws by hiding his employment as a lobbyist for a large supermarket chain,” Republican Party Chairman James Pelura said in a prepared statement. 

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Pelura also commended Democratic Sen. President Mike Miller for pushing for Currie to stand down until this investigation is resolved.

In light of the litany of investigations and ethical lapses (Mayor Dixon, Senator Currie, County Executive Johnson, and Senator Nathaniel Exum),  Pelura also recommended a serious review of Maryland’s ethics laws. 

We couldn’t agree more with Pelura on both counts!

There is something smarmy about having a man who is being charged with taking money from a business to perform favors heading a committee that controls the purse strings of the state, where  current ethic laws make it easy for politicians to slip and slide through loopholes and avoid prosecution. 

What do you think?

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