Refuge Podcast #63 – O’Malley Fiddling While Maryland Burns (jobs at least)

Jam packed with all the conservative goodness you have come to expect it is the Conservative Refuge Podcast. You can listen by visiting here:

In our opening segment, I share a fascinating article from the Annapolis Capital pointing out how Maryland’s economy compares with the national economy as a whole. As liberal tax increases take hold, Maryland is hemorraghing jobs. You need to hear these numbers!

Our blogger roundtable, with Red Maryland contributor Brian Griffiths and local attorney and potential county council candidate James Braswell, discuss the recent appointments to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education, including unregistered democratic lobbyist Teresa Birge. Is the Governor appointing board members who will support unbridled spending and push for higher taxes? Were more qualified candidates rejected because they lack the necessary political connections with O’Malley? Our blogger contributors offer their insights and opinions.

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In our closing segment, we open the Fat Files and I share a report that Asian obesity rates are on the rise. The article highlights the absurdity of the obesity alarmists as they romanticized the life of hardscrabble Asian peasants and objecting to the “malling” of Asia.

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Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge Podcast

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