Property Tax Hikes Drive Allegany Co. Residents To WV

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Maryland’s tax-and-spending madness has even spread to the pristine hinterlands of Allegany County, forcing some of its residents to move across the river into Mineral County, W.Va. to escape the recent tax hikes, according to the Cumberland Times.

Following Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley’s lead, it seems Cumberland has raised personal, business and property taxes this year. Although the county maintained its tax rate, it will still receive more revenue because of higher property assessments. To make matters even worst, county commissioners have been told they should reconsider their desire to lower the Homestead Tax Credit from 10% to 5%.

State law allows a maximum annual increase of 10% in property assessments on a homeowner’s residence, and Allegany County is one of only six in Maryland where the maximum is in effect. Garrett, Washington and Frederick counties impose a more reasonable cap of 5%.

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Last week, Allegany County Finance Director Jerry Frantz warned the commissioners that cutting the limit to 5% would put the county in a bad financial situation.

Meanwhile, more and more Allegany residents are packing up and moving to West Virgina, joining many other Maryland residents to the east of them who are migrating to Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia.

When will the Democrats who rule this state learn that taxing people only spurs them to vote with their feet?

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