Out of orbit

I did not take long for someone to not only respond to my latest PolitickerMD.com by taking it out of the common sense realm and adding a lunatic element to it. It was not the Certain Liberal Blogger, nor was it the Other Certain Liberal Blogger (urban my [radio edit].) It’s none other than our ol’ friend Eric Luedtke, who for all intents and purposes we know as someone who shoots from the hip, and mostly fire blanks. His worse effort to me was trying to deflect the fact that Governor Martin O’Malley (D) made schools a political issue earlier this year.

In his latest scribbling, Eric (who I am now dubbing mini-Smith) asserted that I should contact Congress to force the Military Police to enforce Montgomery County’s trans-fat ban, write a letter to the FBI Director to enforce the traffic laws of the District of Columbia and ask the Navy to patrol the Anacostia River for litterbugs.

Well Eric, being the typical Montgomery County liberal, I am sure you would love for the Military Polie to enforce the county’s trans-fat ban. Lord knows your county delegation tries to dictate how the rest of the state should operate. Let’s see a raise of hands, when was the last time Montgomery County DIDN’T complain about paying for everything in the state? Eric, as usual, is completely off.

For starters, his assertion that “Fundamentally, [Burns] argues that because illegal immigrants are breaking laws, and because laws should be enforced, and because local police do law enforcement, the Montgomery County and Prince George’s County Police should assume at least partial responsibility for the enforcement of immigration law in their jurisdictions.”

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This one is way off base because if anyone read The Examiner article, Prince George’s County did not even respond. So how can I assert that Prince George’s should enforce the law when I don’t even know if my county even does so. Beyond that revelation, Luedtke used arguments that he knows would not stand water, even with his own.

He dismissed my argument as the same old tired argument when it comes to immigration, but I have to ask why his argument was weak. At least Smith would be entertaining and throw big words into the argument and try to spin it, Luedtke didn’t even try (and to be honest, that kind of disappoints me.)

It will always be about the law. There is no such thing as a perfect law (unless it’s out of the Bible.) So I say to you, Eric, what I told your county government. If you don’t like how law enforcement is funded and/or the laws regarding immigration, you have a couple of congress people and two senators…CALL THEM!

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