Open Car Windows Show MD Economy Really Hurting

Unfree State

While so-called state leaders like Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley brag to local elected officials that he didn’t cut spending and instead hiked taxes — which he calls “investments” — because he’s not afraid of big government, many Maryland taxpayers personal finances are strained to the breaking point.

How do I know my fellow taxpayers are hurting financially?

Living in the Unfree State my entire life, I have never seen the number of people driving their cars in the the dog days of summer with their windows down as I do now — that’s how!

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Young and old, I see them sweating and wiping their and their children’s brows as they sit in hot traffic trying to save a few pennies so they can survive, $4-plus gas prices, higher air conditioning bills, skyrocketing food prices — and of course higher Maryland taxes.

Meanwhile, our elected officials ride around in gas-guzzling SUVs with the windows closed tight, go to their fancy catered meetings and discuss how they can bridge yet another $200-million budget gap by hiking Marylanders’ payroll, tobacco and alcohol taxes even higher than they already are — all on the taxpayers’ dime.

And to make matters worst, federal and state investigations swirl about a powerful state senator and the Mayor of Baltimore City, underscoring the unpleasant truth that we the taxpayers are somehow the patsies in a game where the rich and powerful influence our elected officials at our expense.

Instead of being free citizens in a free state with our property rights and freedoms being protected under the Constitution, many of us feel like strangers in a place that is ruled more like a banana Republic than a state in the Union.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens when government grows so big that it becomes the largest employer, customer and enforcer in a state where one-party rule is bolstered by gerrymandering and a strong alliance with the old media.

But if there is one good thing that is coming out of the open-window driving of financially strapped Marylanders, I hope it will make them realize during the election of 2010 that the pied piper who promised them everything for nothing, instead gave them open windows during a very hot summer!

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