O’Malley: Let Them Have Hybrid Buses & Let Them Play Slots!

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Turning on the propaganda tube last night, I find that Gov. Martin O’Malley is once again staging a series of photo-ops — this time — promoting hybrid buses.

This is his solution to the massive energy crisis that is engulfing every aspect of Marylanders’ lives. Forget about the state and federal taxes on each gallon of gas; forget about the effect of a 20% hike in the state’s sale tax rate.

O’Malley just smiles for the big-media cameras, while the info-babes grin pretty — and ooh and ah at his smooth performance. All is well, in the world of press-release news.

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This false image is in direct conflict with the real snippets of hard news I read throughout the day. They tell of possible state bank failures, tanking real estate values, Maryland’s continuous overspending, and — yes — even more looming budget deficits that will only lead to even higher taxes, in a state where one-party rules. (Democrats)

O’Malley seems to be far removed from the reality of the real economic calamity everyday people are sliding into because of ever-growing, overspending local, state and federal governments! His answer is always the same: protect the status quo — and be prepared for even more tax hikes! We will grow the economy and create jobs, is his constant sickening mantra.

To see this on a daily basis is like reading 18th century history about France’s petulant queen, Marie Antoinette. She could not understand the fact that people were in the streets starving, while she worried about which new gown she might don as she partied with the aristocracy. When people began to riot in the streets, her ministers finally convinced the queen that the people didn’t even have bread to eat. She looked at them surprised, and said, “Well, let them eat cake!”

When O’Malley is confronted with the harsh reality of a deteriorating state economy, he doubles his number of photo ops and says: Let us have hybrid buses, and let them play slots!

Oh, how sad it is to see history repeat itself.

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