No Wonder Crime Festers In Anne Arundel

Every day, as I read through the Anne Arundel County Police press releases, I am astonished by the sheer volume of crime that occurs in our county. Today, after reading the front page of the Maryland Gazette, I realize that judges deserve the majority of the blame. As I glanced the article about the weekender program in Anne Arundel County, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

From the tone of the piece, it seemed as if inmates praised the convenience of a weekend incarceration (in lieu of straight time) while judges felt comforted that they could give these lawbreakers a desired option. Give me a break. If these dregs on society truly cared about their kids or their job, then they wouldn’t continually put themselves in position to face jail time.

Now, I can see the argument behind sentencing a first time offender for DUI or shoplifting to a weekend in jail. After all, such an experience may give them a needed wake up call. Unfortunately, judges have now expanded this program to accommodate multiple time offenders. Clearly, these guys and gals failed to get the message the first several times.

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Doing a weekend in jail seems to be a joke among the inmates featured in today’s Gazette story. Then again, why wouldn’t it be? They have Monday-Friday to live a normal life and then they get to hang with the fellows or the ladies on the weekend. I fail to see the deterrent in that. Hopefully, some judicial wanna-be will expose the criminal friendly judges contributing to this flawed public policy. Granted, as a rule I tend to reject incumbent judges at the ballot box anyway.


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