No Kidding they’re Sorry

The Baltimore Sun headline could have just been shortened to “MTA is sorry” as opposed to expanding upon the point, but the song seems to remain the same with the Transit Administration:

The head of the Maryland Transit Administration offered beleaguered MARC train commuters an apology and a series of explanations Wednesday for what he called six weeks of service “far below what customers expect or deserve.”

In an e-mail to MARC riders, MTA Administrator Paul J. Wiedefeld disclosed that on-time performance during June had fallen to 63 percent on the Camden and Brunswick lines, and 81 percent on the Penn Line.

“Although some service disruptions are unavoidable, there were instances where we could have taken actions to reduce the anxiety, frustration and inconvenience that you and your family, friends and colleagues experienced,” Wiedefeld wrote.

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So once again, the MTA cannot deliver reliable service to customers. Customers that are doing their part to reduce the amount of cars on the highways between Baltimore and Washington, but who can never seem to get any reliable service….ever.

Yes, I know that Paul Wiedefeld is sorry, because that’s exactly what his job performance has been as the MTA Administrator. Why Secretary Porcari or Governor O’Malley have not taken measurable steps to fix the problem, and to fire Wiedefeld and the rest of the MTA senior staff is beyond me. As usual, O’Malley and company never take the proper corrective action.

When, oh when, is Maryland going to get serious about improving mass transit?


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