MD Gunshops Forced to Turn Away Many DC Buyers

Unfree State

Despite the Supreme Court’s recent decision finding DC’s handgun control laws unconstitutional, Maryland gun dealers are being forced to turn away hundreds of DC citizens trying to purchase handguns to protect themselves.

According to the Washington Post, gun dealers are now telling anxious DC residents they will have to wait at least another 30 days before coming back and trying again to exercise their Second Amendment right.Why?

“We can’t do anything until the D.C. government says, ‘These are the rules,’ ” Dan Metta, manager of Atlantic Guns in Silver Spring, told the Post.

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City officials are saying it should take about three weeks to work out the details:, which include what kinds of guns will be legal, and how will the registration process work.

But some gun shop owners worry that the District will continue to drag its feet and make regulations so strict and complicated that the average, law-bidding citizen will be discouraged from buying a handgun and just give up.

My question is why didn’t DC officials already have plans drawn up to implement the buying of handguns in anticipation of the Court’s ruling — so our Nation’s Capital could have instantly complied with the law of the land?

I think I know the answer.

Stanch anti-Second Amendment officials will do everything they can to circumvent the rights of it citizens to protect themselves for many perverse and misguided reasons. But the main reason is that DC officials don’t like the idea of independent citizens taking responsibility for themselves!

What do you think?

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