Mayor Dixon Tearing A Page Out of Bill Clinton’s Book?

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Do you remember how former President Bill Clinton would pump out a puff, photo op daily when his relationship with Monica Lewinsky was being examined to get the media off of the subject?

Well, it appears that Baltimore’s Mayor Sheila Dixon is tearing a page out of Clinton’s book.

While a grand jury hears evidence from the state prosecutor looking into City Hall’s buying practices when Dixon was president of the Baltimore City Council, the Mayor appears to be on a public-relation’s blitz in an attempt to change the subject!

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Today, Dixon joined a group of bicyclists for a ride starting from the Patterson Park area, through Canton and along the city’s promenade to Key Highway and back to City Hall promoting it as a great way to get to work. Two days ago, it was a photo op with Dixon praising the City Police’s effort to help find juveniles with outstanding warrants.

Tomorrow and next week we can expect to see even more of a PR blitz from Dixon to get our eyes off of the alleged corruption ball, which includes allegations of her accepting undisclosed fur coats, and going on trips with a city minority developer, who won lucrative contracts on projects she voted to approve.

What we won’t see is Dixon keeping her promise to the press and releasing her income taxes, nor can we expect her to elaborate on the allegations of misconduct in office.

However, we can be sure that the local TV and print media in town will become an enabler of helping Dixon getting ordinary folks’ attention off of unanswered questions about City Hall’s buying practices and land deals.

How do you see it?

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