Live Blogging Jury Duty Part 2: Vexing Legal Questions

10:35: AM: Not too long a wait in the line to check in and get paid. Now I’ve got three crisp Abe Lincoln’s burning a whole in my pocket. Should I (a) use it to offset what surely will be a $20 parking garage fee; or (b) use that money to buy lunch? Dear readers, if you think I should choose the latter I would greatly appreciate some dinning suggestions in the comments section.

10:40 AM: Wow, defense attorneys are the best dressed folks around. Sharp pinstripe suits, crisply pressed french- cuffed shirts with shiny cuff links.

Hey Kline who does your wardrobe?

10:45 AM: Just got back to the Quiet Room. I lost my choice seat on the couch, but luckily I was able to get a spot near an outlet to plug in the laptop without which, I would not be able to fire off these vital dispatches.

10:50: AM Bailiff’s just escorted a prisoner shackled in chains, by the Quiet Room. The chains reminded me of Marley’s Ghost in A Christmas Carol.

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