Lean on Me

Here’s a question: how far will the state allow state agencies to lean on other state funded agencies to prop them up? This may be part of the answer:

Yes, MPT spent about 10 full minutes on State Circle tonight talking about the joys of the Maryland Transit Administration, propping up the management of this agency. Secretary of Transportation John Porcari comes on at the end to give us all a pep talk about the joys of mass transit (even hinting at a hike in the gas tax, for good measure). All the while, MPT substitute anchor Yolanda Vazquez was going out of her way to affix her lips to Porcari’s posterior.

The entire segment was a ridiculous joke, and it goes to show two thing. One, that the Maryland Transit Administration, now more than ever, needs to have its Senior Management fired and replaced with somebody who can get the job done in a cost effective manner. Secondly, this pretty much shows the reason why taxpayer funded MPT gets no voluntary contributions from viewers like me…

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