It’s Time A Public Corruption Task Force Was Sent To MD

Unfree State

Recent revelations about scores of no-bid contracts and sweetheart land deals being given to friends and contributors of Prince George’s County County Executive Jack B. Johnson, along with similar cronyism being uncovered in Baltimore City by the state prosecutor’s investigation of Mayor Sheila Dixon, show that it’s time for the feds to step in and send a pubic corruption tax force to the Unfree State.

The Washington Post’s excellent expose today about Johnson and the sweetheart deals meted out to his cronies, shed some light on a hidden world where campaign donations appear to guarantee development projects to neophyte developers and keep many million-dollar projects from ever being submitted to the required bidding process.

The potential and real, public corruption in Maryland has reached epidemic proportions, clearly beyond the scope of a small state prosecutor’s office and the regular contingent of the state’s current FBI office. It’s time to call in the cavalry, which is a function of the federal government I fully support.

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Such a federal public corruption task force was formed to root out crooked dealings in Northern Virgina, and it’s high time that our Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley recognize the crisis, put aside partisanship — and ask for help now!

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