If Barack Obama Has A Choice …

… Why Shouldn’t You (and Your Child)?

The greatest scandal in this nation is not high energy prices, or the war in Iraq, or even public corruption (except tangentially). No, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out yesterday, the GREATEST SCANDAL facing the United States is “the profound failure of inner-city public schools” (and many schools outside of our urban wastelands).

Democrats, slaves to the NEA and its satellites, refuse to discuss school choice – except to sabotage it. Yet, we constantly find success stories despite the attempts of the Teachers’ Guild and their pals in the MSM to delude the public.

Twenty (20) privately managed Philadelphia schools (20 of the 45 lowest performing schools in Philadelphia County) are showing dramatic improvement compared to their NEA run counterparts. Of course that meant that the Democrat elite had to start dismantling the project.

More Choice Below the Fold

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In the Los Angles Unified School District, the drop-out rate in charter schools was dramatically lower than the district, AND STATE averages. Seventy percent (70%) of LA Unified’s charter schools outperform their neighborhood peers. The net result – the school board opposes the expansion of charter schools in the district.

The Democrat Congress wants to dismantle Washington, DC’s “Opportunity Scholarship” program before it shows success. They have already refused to reauthorize it.

Barack Obama claims that real education reform is just “tired rhetoric about vouchers and school choice”. He shows his lack of knowledge, and hypocrisy, by claiming, “although it might benefit some kids at the top, what you’re going to do is leave a lot of kids at the bottom.”

Obama is wrong. It is the kids at the bottom that benefit most. The kids at the top already have options.

If the Democrats were serious about providing a first class public
education to most, if not all, American children we would see school
choice as part of their plan. Do we?

Why should they. Liberal elites like Barack Obama and his wife don’t have to worry. The Obamas send their daughters to an elite private school.

YES WE CAN! – Be Hypocrites

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