Hoyer Non-Committal On State Police Spying Investigation

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As some political insiders predicted, the red hot calls for a Congressional investigation into the Maryland State Police spying on peace activists and anti-death penalty protesters appears to be cooling down.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told the the Washington Post that he “might” support a Justice Department investigation but in the same breath Hoyer said he was pleased to hear police Superintendent Terrence say the program had been a mistake.

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This is a clear signal that Democrats have come to the realization that such an investigation could backfire on them even though spying occurred during Republican Gov. Robert L. Erhlich Jr.’s administration. That’s because then Mayor Martin O’Malley’s Baltimore Police Department participated in the unwarranted surveillance, according to the 46-page state police document obtained by the ACLU.

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. elaborated on the controversy surrounding State Police spying of peaceful demonstrators uncovered by the ACLU on his WBAL radio talk show Saturday morning. Ehrlich once again said he was not informed of the surveillance that occurred during his term, and that the state police were aided by Baltimore City Police under then Mayor Martin O’Malley– plus Baltimore County Police knew about it.

To listen to an audio clip of Ehrlich’s statement click here.

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