Good Luck Doug Donovan

Lord knows we here at Red Maryland have had our issues with the Baltimore Sun. While it may be tempting to engage in a little schadenfreude at the Sun’s falling fortunes, I was disheartened to hear that Doug Donovan is leaving the Sun. Doug is my old Wyman Park neighbor, and a good guy. He broke the story of the initial investigations into City Hall spending two years ago and has chronicled the current travails of Mayor Dixon.

My only real problem with Doug is that he is Philadelphia Eagles fan, but hey no one is perfect.

When people talk about the Sun’s decline on the community, it does have some resonance. Wyman Park was a bedroom community for some of folks at Calvert and Centre streets. I lost two great next-door neighbors, who were Sun reporters. I won’t name names, but to a person they routinely expressed the same problems about the Sun as shown in the fourth season of The Wire.

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