Fringe Left: Now Mikulski isn’t Fringe Left enough

Remember last year when the crowd at FSP declared Martin O’Malley to be too centrist? Now, Eric Luedtke has decided that Barbara Mikulski, of all people, isn’t leftist enough:

I was an Mfume supporter during the last primary, but I’ve been very impressed with Cardin since he took office. I just wish Mikulski weren’t playing the moderate so much now. Whenever she does retire, getting a bona fide progressive elected to that seat needs to be priority number one.

That’s right. Barbara Mikulskui has spent her entire political life voting for higher taxes, bigger government through earmarks, and basically being an ineffective Senator who spends her time casting votes in favor of screwing middle and working class families. But apparently, that’s not good enough for Comrade Luedtke.

I shudder to think how far to the left one has to be in order to successfully pander to the online left…

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