Free Speech is Messy

One of our stalwart leaders here at Red Maryland has a new post bemoaning “slack ass blogging”, and how it drags down the entire Maryland blogosphere.

He offers some salient points — how a little fact checking (and hey, maybe even some spell checking) would go along way to raising the bar of discourse in the blogosphere.

Free Speech is just so damn messy. People spouting out this and that. Fact and opinion. Rumor and innuendo. Lies and truth. How do you divine what is just and true from the cacophony of voices in the blogopshere? Can’t we do something about it?

Or should we? I am one of those old fashioned Pleisto-conservatives (meaning, even before Paleo-conservatives) that believes that light shines brightest in the dark. Let the cacophony go on, I say!

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For our opponents on the left — whether we call them Progressives, socialists, liberals, totalitarians, fascists, Marxists, or Communists — their answer is to limit our freedom to speak through things like speech codes, the Fairness Doctrine, or the American Protective League.

Let’s not go there and follow them down the rabbit hole.

Instead, let us commit ourselves to countering those who lie and the lies they tell. Let’s call out those who would associate and ally with them. Let us call to account what they write, and how they write it. But let us not challenge their right to be stupid and say stupid things.

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