Frank Kratovil’s Buddy is One of Top Congressional Porkers

Maryland 1st District congressional candidate Frank Kratovil has been crowing about his campaign’s designation as a DCCC-targeted race. His buddy, DCCC chair Chris Van Hollen is promising to pour all kinds of special interest money into Kratovil’s race.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Van Hollen is capable of funneling cash into Kratovil’s campaign coffers. Van Hollen is one of the TOP 3 PORKERS in the US House, according to Citizens Against Government Waste.

Kratovil, who claims to reflect “Eastern Shore values” and attacks his conservative opponent, Maryland Sen. Andy Harris (R-7) for taking small dollar contributions bundled by the low-tax, pro-growth Club for Growth, is starting to show First District voters what he’s really about.

IF “Eastern Shore values” include high taxes, begging money from special interest lobbies that want to harm our economy, higher government spending and creeping socialism – all values personified by Kratovil’s new best friend Van Hollen – then perhaps Kratovil really does reflect the values of Maryland’s First District.

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