Electoral Victory through Conservative Branding

Two veteran Republican operatives agree with the branding problems with the Republican Party:

In 2006, voters rejected the Republican brand – not conservative ideals. America remains a right-of-center nation. Indeed, the greatest Democratic successes in 2006 were when they ran conservative Democrats who at times seemed more conservative than their Republican opponents (examples include Sen. Bob Casey in Pennsylvania and Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina).

The same pattern has been seen this year. Yet the talk among the congressional Republicans has been on how to appear more moderate. It is as if the leaders want to adopt the “me-too Republican” approach that failed so dismally until the election of Ronald Reagan. Running away from the conservative philosophy will only ensure a long-term Republican minority, such as happened in the 40 years before the “Contract With America…”

…What are the conservative principles that need to be emphasized? They are quite simple and resonate with most voters: strong economic policies that stress less government, less taxes, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the individual; a strong national defense; enforcement of immigration laws; and a willingness to fight environmentalists to allow drilling on American soil.

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Read the whole thing, as this is just more proof that the problem with Republican politics in the 21st century is not the ideology of conservatism, but leadership that itself is not conservative. Once we figure out how to fix that, Republicans will reassume the mantle of ascendancy that we lost when Congressional leadership went native a few years back.


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