Dixon’s Proposed Ban Of Flavored Cigars Draws Fire

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Baltimore would be the first city in the nation to ban flavored cigars, which are sold under the names Black & Mild, White Owl and The Game, if a proposal by Mayor Sheila Dixon becomes law.

The cigars, which are sometimes called loosies or blunts on the street are very popular especially among younger people. While health advocates applaud and support the ban, tobacco companies and those who believe in an individual’s right to choose strongly oppose it.

The ban, if approved, is also bound to trigger multiple lawsuits, and could cost state taxpayers millions depending on how far the issue is taken.

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Meanwhile, Baltimore is still on its way to notching up 200-plus murders this year, has the highest property tax rate in the state, and receives more state aid than any other Maryland jurisdiction.

Baltimore also has a bloated budget of more than $3 billion, and not once has Dixon or the City Council made a serious attempt to trim its spending. Instead, Dixon is looking for ways to hike taxes using recommendations from her so-called blue-ribbon commission that include establishing a new commuter tax and increasing income taxes on everyone working in the city.

At the same time, a dark cloud hangs over City Hall buying practices, as the state prosecutor continues his investigation of Dixon when she was president of the city council.

It appears to us that Dixon is simply using the ban of flavored cigars, and a dozen other issues, to deflect the people’s attention from the real issues of crime, corruption, high taxes and mismanagement!

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