Did He Even Read the Reports?

Governor O’Malley is convening a panel, headed by former Attorney General Stephen Sachs, to review the Maryland State Police surveillance of anti-war and anti-death penalty groups in 2005-2006.

I think we can all agree that this is a good thing. However, something else in the Examiner story jumped off the page at me.

O’Malley also said no information from surveillance was shared with him when he was mayor of Baltimore, even though Baltimore police were regularly made aware of public demonstrations.

Ok, I can buy that, as executives do not involve themselves in the operations of their police intelligence agencies. However, O’Malley goes further:

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“But the insinuation that somehow the city police were involved in this in an undercover capacity, there’s no evidence of that,” O’Malley said.

Sorry Governor, the evidence proves you wrong on that point. Perhaps you need to have Rick Abbruzzese go back and read the December 21, 2005 report, which clearly states:

On December 3, 2005 [redacted] also attended an anti-death penalty protest outside Supermax Prison in Baltimore City. [Redacted] attended in a covert capacity and were covered by two covert officers from Baltimore City Police’s Intelligence Division.

No one is insinuating that the Baltimore City Police Intelligence Division was involved Governor. We don’t have to, they were involved. The proof is right there in black and white.

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